How soft is the new Lady iQ Plus golf ball?

The Lady iQ Plus is the softest Precept ball ever made and is currently the softest lady’s golf ball in the US market. The Lady iQ Plus is specifically designed for women, allowing them to achieve optimal performance at lower swing speeds. The soft core generates greater distance off each club and its Seamless Cover Technology ™ provides a consistent ball flight.


How are the colored Lady iQ Plus balls created to look as they are?

The Lady iQ Plus Clear Cover balls consist of a transparent Surlyn® cover and white core resulting in the unique crystal appearance. The Bright Pink Lady iQ Plus balls are made using a tinted Surlyn® cover surrounding the core.


Are there any performance differences from the Lady iQ Plus regular white balls and the colored balls?

No. The colored golf balls have exactly the same high performance qualities as the regular white Lady iQ Plus balls, therefore providing the same benefits to the players who prefer to play colored golf balls as to those preferring regular white golf balls.


What is the difference between the Laddie Xtreme and the original Laddie golf ball?

The new Laddie Xtreme generates higher initial velocity than the original Laddie, resulting in a "HOT" launch off the driver and faster elevation for greater carry. This is due to the new, larger Pumped-Up Muscle-Fiber Core.


Do all of your golf balls incorporate Seamless Cover Technology™?

Precept has been able to incorporate SCT into the Lady golf ball. As a result, golfers can now benefit from SCT at an affordable price.


What is the difference between Surlyn®, balata, and urethane? 

Surlyn® (manufactured by DuPont®) and urethane are the two main materials used in golf ball covers today. Surlyn® is a synthetic, highly resilient, durable material that is used in the majority of golf balls in the industry. This material provides for a golf ball that will stand up to the durability test that the avid golfer demands, while allowing many different options for spin & distance combinations. For example, the Laddie X is a Surlyn®-covered golf ball that provides moderate spin rates and controllability. In contrast, the Surlyn®-covered Lady iQ Plus is a golf ball with extraordinary distance properties. This versatile cover material in correlation with the core composition allows for the many variations that are found throughout the entire line of Precept golf balls.

Balata is the cover material associated with wound golf balls. While once a natural material, balata has since been replaced by a synthetic material. Precept does not offer a balata-covered golf ball for two primary reasons. One is that it is the least durable cover material available, and the second is because Precept believes that solid construction provides a more consistent manufacturing process than wound construction. Many low-handicap amateurs and professionals prefer the "feel" and "spin" that a wound, balata-covered golf ball provides. Many of those players believe that a solid ball cannot provide the same feel that they receive in a wound ball.

Urethane is an extra-soft, synthetic material that provides high-spin performance and greater durability than balata. In fact, urethane is softer than both Surlyn® and balata. This unique cover material is used on many of our Bridgestone line of golf balls.


How do dimple patterns affect the flight/trajectory of a golf ball?

Dimples provide the lift needed to get a ball airborne. Without them a golf ball's performance would be severely restricted. Precept golf balls come in a variety of different dimple patterns. Some promote a higher flight trajectory that many golfers need, while others promote a lower, more piercing trajectory. In general though, balls with deeper dimples will tend to have a lower trajectory. Those with shallower dimples typically will generate a higher trajectory.

It is Precept’s goal to engineer golf balls that possess piercing trajectories, longer carries, and additional roll after landing than our competitor’s golf balls. This is accomplished by the following two factors:

How long can a golf ball last under normal storage conditions?

Under normal storage conditions (70-80 degrees Fahrenheit) a golf ball can last forever. However, it must be understood that certain factors can affect a ball’s overall performance. Golf balls can lose their performance characteristics in cases of extreme heat or cold, and their construction is such that even under normal storage conditions, there can be a loss of performance over time. Generally, a solid golf ball can experience a substantially longer shelf life than a wound golf ball without evidencing performance loss, however, both are susceptible to performance loss over extended periods of time.


How long has Precept been in the golf ball industry?

Bridgestone Sports Co, Ltd. (Japan) has been producing golf balls since 1935, with Bridgestone Golf, Inc. (USA) manufacturing its first golf ball on U.S. soil in 1990. For more information about the history of Bridgestone Golf (USA) and the Precept brand, access our Corporate section.


Why is it that soft-core balls provide greater distance now?

Due to the success of the Precept MC Lady, it has become a fact that to a certain level, a softer core golf ball will provide improved distance for most amateur golfers. The soft core allows for less spin and a higher launch angle resulting in longer distance. And since most amateur swing speeds are moderate, it is beneficial for them to play the soft-core Precept Lady golf ball for improved performance, feel, and distance. They will find great feel that is not traditionally found in distance golf balls.


Can I order woods or irons only from the Lady Precept set?

No. The Lady Precept set is sold as a 9-piece set containing a driver, a 3-wood, a 5-wood, a hybrid, 7-PW irons and a SW.


Does Precept golf equipment carry a warranty?

Yes. All Precept products are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of original retail purchase. In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, please contact your local authorized Precept dealer.


Where can I find Precept golf balls, clubs and accessories?

To find the nearest authorized Precept retailer in your area, please visit the dealer locator.


I live outside the United States and want to find Precept equipment. Who should I contact?

Please visit our International Distributors page to locate the nearest Precept / Bridgestone Golf supplier to your area. Please inquire with them, as they will be better able to handle your questions regarding your particular region.


I live outside the United States and have made a hole in one. Who should I contact?

Please contact the international distributor in your region and inquire if they are able to award you with any award or certificate. We thank you for choosing the Precept brand and wish you continued success with your golf game.


How can I apply for a job at Bridgestone Golf?

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